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Dried fig seeds are 100 % natural products, without any additives or preservatives. The seeds are processed only by conventional cleaning and screening, as well as the application of high temperature drying techniques. There is no chemical processing involved. The seeds can be used as a clean lable ingredient. The content of dietary fibre is above 50%.

Dried fig seeds (Ficus spp.) are perfect as natural ingredients that improve the texture and appearance of the final product. The seeds are very small with size around 1-2 mm and have a crispy texture. Dried fig seeds are microbiologically stable. That is why you can store them in your warehouse for 2 years. The seeds can be added to the final product at any stage of the manufacturing process.

Fig trees have been cultivated since antiquity. For centuries, fig trees have been treated with godly respect, and unjustified felling was punishable by death. Archaeologists discovered their first traces in areas inhabited by the Sumerian peoples. Figs are a symbol of love and fertility. The fig tree bears fruit twice a year. Under natural conditions, fig flowers are pollinate by chalcid wasps. The larvae develop in female fig flowers. Males of this species are tasked with fertilizing their partners and then dying while remaining inside the fruit. Fruit enzymes break down the dead chalcid wasps into proteins.

Dried fig seeds applications in food and cosmetics:

  • food products fortification– whether confectionary, dairy or bakery
  • protein powders
  • dietary supplements
  • functional foods and drinks
  • sports nutrition
  • as an exfoliant in body and face products
  • adding wholesome texture to soaps and scrubs
  • cold pressed seed oil


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