Dried fruit seeds

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Dried fruit seeds for food

Dried fruit seeds are an innovative clean label ingredient that improves texture and fruit identity in various food applications.  The product is 100% natural and gives a natural fruity appearance to your final product. The dried seeds bring new value to both low-cost and high-cost products based on fruit flavours.



Fruit seeds applications in food industry:

  • fruit preparations
  • ice cream
  • confectionary
  • dairy
  • bakery
  • beverages

The biggest advantage of using fruit seeds in food industry is texture. A crunchy surface of the dried seeds enhances the identity of the fruit in your end product. The seeds also enhance natural fruity appearance and provide perception of the fruit. You can save cost and limit the use of fruits or fruit puree by adding fruit seeds and get the same fruit impression. Adding seeds at the end of production process you keep the surface of the dried seeds intact and prevent pump blockage, blunt knives etc. Adding less than 1% of fruit seeds to your final product is enough to greatly enhance the perception of the fruit. Thanks to the dried fruit seeds you are able to create new lines of products that you could not create before, for example products based on seedless juice concentrate or seedless puree.