What does GreenField provide?

GreenField is a manufacturer of niche and natural ingredients for the food industry, as well as for the cosmetics, pharmacology, animal feed and pet food industries. We are a proud international supplier of high-quality Polish ingredients and a team of people with above-average competences in servicing the needs of international customers.

Our products are exported all over the world and are used by many food producers drawn from various food-related industries such as bakery, dairy, confectionary, fruit preparations, beverages, savoury products and others. We specialize in five main groups of clean label ingredients:

We sell wholesale and we offer our products only in bulk in pallet quantities. Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies by product. We understand the need to test our products before industrial production and for this reason we can offer smaller quantities for test production or small samples for laboratory research.

About GreenField company

Where does GreenField deliver?

From its start, GreenField has been an export company. We have always been promoting Polish-sourced natural raw materials on foreign markets. We have gained vast experience in delivering to all continents and by means of every possible form of transport (sea, air, road).

Our qualified Customer Relations Team will arrange delivery of your order and customs clearance with all required documentation supplied. Documents issued by external units, such as: phytosanitary certificate, health certificate, certificate of origin, FDA approval, ATR, NAQS and others are not a problem for us to organize. Additionally, for each delivery, we provide our product specifications and certificate of analysis issued on the basis of external laboratory tests results.

History of GreenField

GreenField company logo history

2020 – …
The international crisis caused by the pandemic has not stopped the company’s operations. Thanks to many years of cooperation with our customers, we have continued to support them in the supply of natural ingredients. The GreenField team has grown by the creation of a Supply Chain Division to further secure raw materials and strengthen production demand. We have been succesful in obtaining FSSC 22000 quality certification.

2017 – 2019
The GreenField Team exhibited at the international “Food Ingredients” fair in Shanghai. The great interest in natural products sourced from Poland attracted customers from the USA, Russia, India and other parts of Asia. The positive response to our presence at the fair ensure that we would take part in upcoming food fairs in Tokyo and in Paris.

2014 – 2016
The great interest shown in the company’s products and their dynamic sales forced an increase in employment and expansion of the product portfolio with berry fruit seed oils beeing introduced. So as to meet higher customer service requirements we strengthened our Customer Relations Department and Quality Department.

In this year, we designed and built a berry seeds cleaning production line to meet the high quality requirements of confectionary producers in Japan. In subsequent stages, the products also gained recognition in other food industries, not only in Asia but also in the European and American markets.

This was a time when we acquired our first experiences in the service production of end products in retail packaging and their sale through a distribution network in South Korea. Simultaneously, we promoted products containing Poland’s organic aronia fruits on the tables of Koreans.

In this time period, expanding the group of demanding customers resulted in the implementation of quality systems ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 completed by certification. Entering into new sales markets also forced Organic and Kosher certification for selected products.

2010 – 2011
We established our first contacts outside the European Union. A large-scale project of production of dried blackcurrant seeds dedicated to main Chinese manufacturers of berry seeds oils came about as a result of this.
In addition, we celebrated the joint launch of a new fibre plant for toll production for Greenfield on exclusive basies.

The successful subcontracted production of natural dried fruit seeds and plant-based fibres resulted in fullfilling a wide range of applications in the food industries of our European clients.

Greenfield company start-up occured. The result was the launching of agricultural trade in Polish feed materials of plant origin – fruit and vegetable pomace – to feed producers in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Our first work was to organize bulk commodity deliveries within EU countries.