8th OIC Halal Expo – World Halal Summit

Exhibition in the halal sector organized in association with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The Halal Expo will offer an exhibition area and a platform for a broad range of workshops, meetings and side-events as well as B2B Meetings Program with the participation of professional hosted buyers and delegates among other activities related to the definition of halal. Exhibitor profile: Halal tourism Islamic […]

Changes of consumers behaviour during COVID-19 period.

Recent months have shown that Covid-19 has changed consumer behaviour in terms of eating, cooking, shopping and living. In October 2020 Health Focus International has made a research which shows how strong influence on nutritional trends had the period of the global pandemic. The study included markets: Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Brazil and China with total around 3000 respondents. According to the […]

Growth of demand for natural plant based fibre powders

According to Innova Market Insights, the number of new products based on natural ingredients – fruit and vegetable ingredients – increased by about 4% annually in 2016 -2020. But if we take into account plant based claims the number of new products based on fruit and vegetable ingredients increased by about 54% yearly over the years 2016 -2020. Is this also […]