Fruit & vegetable pomace

Blackcurrant & Aronia pomace
for anthocyanin extraction

Dried pomace for food & feed

Fruit and vegetable pomace is the dried part of fruit and vegetables that is a by-product of the production of fruit juices. The juice press residue is first dried and then divided into different fractions and quality (food quality or feed quality). By micronizing the dried pomace to a fine powder, we create a new group of products called dietary fibre, dedicated to many food applications.

Dried Fruit & Vegetable Pomace:

  • dried apple pomace
  • dried blackcurrant pomace
  • dried aronia / chokeberry pomace
  • dried elderberry pomace
  • dried carrot pomace
  • other on request

Main advantages and applications:

  • polyphenols extraction
  • anthocyanins extraction
  • dye extraction
  • used in smoothies, cloudy juices, fruit teas
  • used in pet food industry, animal feed, bird food, fish food industry
  • used for supplements of diet production
  • source of natural fibre for food and feed

The powder pomace is widely used in animal health and feed industry. More and more manufacturers create recipes of healthy pet food which contains natural source of fibres and other nutrients. The dried pomace is used also for polyphenols extraction, which can be a healthy ingredient in dietary supplement formulation. Fruit pomace is often used as a healthy natural ingredient in fruit teas, in fruit and herbal mixes. Our dried pomace is produced mainly from polish origin plants. We are specialized in blackcurrant and aronia pomace which are high in anthocyanins content. The anthocyanins are not only a health-promoting natural food additive but also can be used as natural colorant in many food applications.

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