Fruit & vegetable pomaces

Blackcurrant pomace for
anthocyanin extraction

Dried pomace for food & feed

Dried fruit and vegetable pomace is produced mainly from polish origin plants. The powders are available in various fractions and they can be used in animal health / feed industry and food industry, for example for nutrient extraction, as an natural ingredient in fruit teas, for fruit and herbal mixes. We are specialized in blackcurrant and aronia pomace for anthocyanin extraction.

Dried Fruit & Vegetable Pomace:

  • dried carrot pomace
  • dried apple pomace
  • dried blackcurrant pomace
  • dried aronia / chokeberry pomace
  • other on request

Main applications in food and feed

  • anthocyanin extraction
  • dye extraction
  • fruit tea
  • cloudy juice
  • smoothies
  • pet food, animal feed, bird food, fish food
  • source of natural fibre