GreenField is a specialised toll processing partner in Poland, offering a range of toll processing services that can give you all the above plus other significant production advantages that come directly from their unique and specialist processing heritage.

GreenField has the capability to offer toll powder processing service on our innovative micronization machines:

  1. Rotary Air Jet Milling Technology
  2. Cryogenic Milling Technology

The uniqueness is based on production process where the raw material particles are torn (not crushed) during micronization at speed much higher than speed of sound. Particle size reduction is achieved through the use of compressed air in energy jet mill in a confined chamber, where rotary wheels are changing particles direction repeatedly and rapidly. The powder gets suspended in a high velocity fluid stream in the milling chamber. The mill operates on the principle of impact and attrition due to the high velocity collisions between particles suspended within the compressed air stream, causing them to breakdown into smaller particles. Micronisation makes it possible to obtain super-fine powder with particle size below 5 µm but it is also possible to set more coarse powders.

Cryogenic Milling Technology Cryogenic grinding solutions can help us grind more effectively and efficiently, particularly for heat sensitive as high fat content materials or tough-to-mill materials. Industry Applications

Our production capacity 200 -1000 kg /hour.

We specialize in micronization of a wide range of food raw materials as natural fibres, powders and more.