GreenField is a specialised toll processing (milling) partner in Poland, offering toll processing service though operation of our innovative micronization machine:

Rotary Air Jet Milling Technology

The uniqueness of this technology is that it is based on a production process where the raw material particles are torn (not crushed) during micronization at speeds much higher than the speed of sound. Particle size reduction is achieved through the use of compressed air in an energy jet mill in a confined chamber, where rotary wheels change particles direction repeatedly and rapidly. As a consequence, the powder becomes suspended in a high velocity fluid stream inside the milling chamber. The mill operates on the principle of impact and attrition due to the high velocity collisions between particles suspended within the compressed air stream. This causes them to breakdown into smaller particles. Micronisation makes it possible to obtain super-fine powder with particle size below 5 µm. It is also possible, hovewer, to generate more coarse powders.

We specialize in the micronization of a wide range of food raw materials, generating an extensive range of natural fibres, powders and more.