Research and products development

Our goal is an innovative solution to the production issues of our customers and by delivering them niche products, helping them to create brand new final product lines.

We listen to our client’s needs trying to develop our portfolio in line with the market demand. As a result of the research we offer super clean dried fruit seeds, unrefined oils pressed from even very small seeds like strawberry seeds, raspberry seeds or aronia seeds; super fine natural fibre powders with particles size even below 10 microns, what brings extra value in comparison to the coarse fibre powders existing on the market.

Research papers on the ingredients of GreenField

Our research and products development are supported by Polish university research units. Our close cooperation with Polish scientist have resulted with few published scientific research papers.

  • Health benefits of Aronia berries – Prof. Iwona Wawer; Faculty of Pharmacy, The Medical University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Seed-Roasting Process Affects Oxidative Stability of Cold-Pressed Oils – Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland