bulk seabuckthorn seed & fruit oil


Sea buckthorn seed & fruit oil is used in the care of damaged, dry, flaky skin or that with wrinkles, that requires regeneration due to being irritated e.g. by sunbathing, as well as in the care of skin with capillaries and rosacea. It is counted among the more widely used anti-wrinkle components found in natural products meant for use on mature skin.

Among the group of vegetable oils, cold pressed sea buckthorn fruit oil has a unique composition of fatty acids. It contains a high concentration of palmitine-oleic fatty acid – Omega-7. Omega-7 affects the process of granulation and regeneration of the epidermis and is responsible for the healing properties of sea buckthorn oil.  Hippophae Rhamnoides is mainly used in the care of damaged, dry, flaky skin, or that that is wrinkled and requires regeneration. It is also used on irritated skin, as well as skin with capillaries and rosacea. It is willingly used in products for mature skin as the principle anti-wrinkle component.  It is also used in hair care products. It prevents hair loss, has an anti-dandruff effect and improves the condition of the hair by adding shine.

Sea buckthorn seed & fruit oil is known for its high content of carotenoids, vitamin E and polyphenols, thanks to which it is able to partially absorb sunlight from the UVB range and holds high antioxidant activity against free radicals. This property makes it a natural sunscreen. Sea buckthorn oil is therefore a suitable addition to cosmetics strengthening natural anti-UV protection. Hippophae Rhamnoides, thanks to its intensive colour, gives the skin a healthy colour and can be used to darken the skin and give it a golden shade.

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Sea buckthorn oil application & properties:

  • Contains a high amount of Omega-7 acid, is well absorbed into the skin while not feeling too oily. 
  • Suggested concentration in cosmetics: 1-5%.
  • Due to its intense coloration, it is not recommended for use directly on the skin, without dilution.
  • Recommended as an additive in preparations healing minor skin damage, sunburn, post-traumatic and acne scars, stretch marks, eczemas, inflammations and allergic skin conditions, it has an intensive healing effect.
  • Recommended for mature wrinkled skin that requires regeneration.
  • Used in the care of capillary, reddened and irritated skin with symptoms of acne rosacea and seborrhoea. 
  • It improves skin tone and gives the skin a golden shade. 
  • It has an antioxidant and UV-absorbing effect and provides protection against free radicals and the sun. 
  • It is also suitable for hair and scalp care as it strengthens and adds shine to hair.