Rye fibre powder - GreenField


GreenField produces 100% natural Secale Cereale L. fibre without chemical treatment during the production process. The rye fibre powder is made of rye bran micronized into powder. No additives or artificial ingredients are incorporated in it. Our rye fibre powder contains a minimum 30% of dietary fibre.

Rye fibre powder is available in two different granulation levels:

  • m20 – standard granulation with particles size around 20 microns
  • m40 – coarse powder with particles size around 40 microns

Content of fibre in rye fibre powder

Fibre content in rye fibre powder

Rye fibre applications:

All our fibres were designed for the fast-growing market of food producers who create healthy natural products with a “high fibre” claim that is in accordance with EU regulation. A claim that a food is high in fibre, may only be made where the product contains at least 6g of dietary fibre per 100g.

Our rye fibre powder can be used in projects that come with “health claim“. According to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), rye fibre normalizes intestinales function.

Rye fibre has neutral flavour and taste. It is a popular ingredient especially in bakery products such as bread, cakes, cookies and pizza dough, but it also can be used in savoury products like soups and sauces where high content of dietary fibre is not recommended.


We offer rye fibre with 2 years of shelf life. The product is Kosher certified.