Oat beta-glucan fibre gluten free


100% natural Avena Sativa L. fibre that is without chemical treatment. The fibre powder is made of oat pericarp seed coat without any additives. This is a functional soluble powder that contains beta-glucan which is important for our health. The product can be used in the food industry, especially in baking, but also as a dietary supplement. The oat beta-glucan fibre has a light cream colour. We have standard fibre and gluten-free quality.

Health benefits of oat beta-glucan fibre:

  • Source of dietary fiber – content of soluble and insoluble fiber fractions
  • Reduced calorific value of the finished product
  • Use of health claims regarding beta-glucan content
  • Helps with weight control
  • Stabilises sugar metabolism
  • Beta-glucans from oats have a prebiotic effect

The nutrient content in oat beta-glucan fibre:

Nutrition content in oat beta-glucan fibre

Technological advantages:

  • Gelling properties
  • Efficiency increase in bread weight and volume
  • Easy recipe modification
  • Shorter kneading time
  • A clean label alternative to artificial additives
  • Water absorption around 350%
  • Light powder color that does not change with the production process
  • Can be used not only in fresh but also frozen products
  • Upcycling product
  • Can be declared as gluten-free fibre
  • Double funcionality when mixed with GreenField oat fibre with 80% of dietary fibre content.


We offer oat beta-glucan fibre with 2 years of shelf life.

Final product quality advantages:

  • Extended freshness of baked product – extending the use-by date by 2 days
  • Increase in moisture and general acidity of bread
  • Increase in protein content
  • Smoothes the structure – uniform porosity of the crumb
  • Crispy crust

All our fibres were designed for the fast-growing market of food producers who create healthy natural products with a claim that meets EU regulation. The oat beta-glucan fibre can be used in projects that advertise a nutritional claim, but also a health claim. According to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) foods should provide at least 3 g of oat beta-glucan per day. This amount can reasonably be consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Beta-glucan health claim (according to EFSA):

  • European Food Safety Authority logoHelp to maintain healthy blood lipid levels.
  • Increases satiety.
  • Improves digestive function.
  • Reduction of post-prandial glycaemic responses.
  • Can actively lower/reduce blood LDL and total cholesterol. Blood cholesterol  lowering  may  reduce  the  risk  of coronary heart disease.


If you would like to receive product specification and ready recipes for bakery products with the oat beta-glucan fibre, please contact our sales team or use our contact form.