Growth of demand for natural plant based fibre powders

According to Innova Market Insights, the number of new products based on natural ingredients – fruit and vegetable ingredients – increased by about 4% annually in 2016 -2020. But if we take into account plant based claims the number of new products based on fruit and vegetable ingredients increased by about 54% yearly over the years 2016 -2020. Is this also a trend for 2021? – it seems like that.

GreenField company offers only natural plant based ingredients. Over the last years we have noted an increase in interest in fibre powders – 100% natural plant based ingredients, which are widely used mainly in the bakery and confectionery industry. But only during 2021 GreenField has noted a triple increase in interest in the natural fibres in comparison to the previous year. We also observe increased demand in organic fibres , especially organic oat fibre. This motivates us to work on developing our portfolio of organic fibres. People are more and more focused on the organic healthy products which offer additional value of the products, like for example high fibre content.

Companies are looking for a natural alternative to chemical food dyes. There are natural dyes on the market, extracted from fruits or vegetables and other plants. Fibre powder also can be used as natural dyes, especially aronia fibre and blackcurrant fibre, which can improve color of the final product. The aronia fibre is popular in dairy industry, but also meat/fish industry offering delicate pink color of the final product.

According to Innova data the compound annual growth of the fruit and vegetable ingredients is around 4%, which is not very high. But for comparison blackcurrant fruit ingredients already have an increase of 31% (2016-2020). It is this what we also feel in GreenField company when it comes to blackcurrant fibre powder. The anthocyanins – this is what make the blackcurrant fruit having such a strong colouring properties. But of course, anthocyanins aren’t just about colour. The most important are the health-promoting properties provided by the anthocyanins contained in these fruits.