Fruit & vegetable pomaces

Blackcurrant pomace for
anthocyanin extraction

Main product features

Dried fruit & vegetable pomaces are produced in a few confections (fractions) forms and that is why they can be used in many industries for example nutrient extraction, tea industry, fruit/herbs mills. Cut and prepared in different sizes for ready tea fix. We are specialized in blackcurrant and aronia pomace for anthocyanin extractionlightproof  and airtight vacuum package. Some available in an organic version.

Fruit & Vegetable Pomaces List

  • dried carrot pomace
  • dried apple pomace
  • dried blackcurrant pomace
  • dried aronia / chokeberry pomace
  • other on request

Main application in food

  • blackcurrant and aronia pomace for anthocyanin extraction
  • tea fruit fix
  • nutrient extractions
  • cloudy juice
  • smoothies