Organic Freeze-Dried Fruits
vegetables, herbs, meat

From the cleanest region of Poland

Main product features

We only sell in bulk : MOQ 300 kg

The products preserved by this Freeze-drying (lyophilisation) method keep natural taste, aroma, appearance and, what is most important, full nutrition value, vitamin content and vivid colors of original fresh fruit. They don’t contain preservatives, and their well maintained shape and cell structure enable quick rehydration of the product. Premium ingredients for bakery products, snack bars, breakfast cereals, chocolate and fruit snacks.

Bulk Freeze Dried Products List - some available organic

  • strawberry,
  • raspberry,
  • aronia / chokeberry,
  • blackcurrant,
  • elderberry.
  • other on request

We are experts with broad experience.

We are expert of freeze drying Polish origin fruits. Our top-selling product is freeze dried Polish strawberry and raspberry fruits. The sweetest in Europe, because of specific climate, chemically clean soil and good varieties. It is our cultural heritage of the Polish countryside.

We are also very strong on 100% Bio FD Aronia powder and 100% Bio FD Elderberry powder, our national polish treasures. We produce almost 9 out of 10 fruits in the world of this “black treasure” as Americans call chokeberry / Aronia fruits.

Aronia is known around the world as the King of the Berries. It contains around 2-3% of anthocyanins per 100g and ORAC 65.000-120.000 umol TE / 100g.  Just 1 spoon of FD aronia packs as much antioxidant power as 5 servings of other fresh nutritious fruits and vegetables. We can send scientific papers on demand.

The form of lyophilized product can also be adjusted to individual needs e.g. cube, granulated product, powder, chips, flakes, slices etc.

Organic FD Aronia antioxidants/anthocyanins protective free radical scavengers.

Antioxidants in your diet slow down aging processes!