Dried Kiwi Seeds


Dried kiwi seeds are 100% natural products which are processed by conventional cleaning, screening and drying in high temperature. The dried seeds are clean label products, without any additives, without any chemical process involved. The seeds contain minimum 40% of dietary fibre.

Dried kiwi seeds ( Actinidia Chinensis) are perfect as natural ingredients that improve texture and increase fruit impression in the final product. The seeds can be added to the end product at any step of the production process. Dried kiwi seeds are microbiologically stable, thanks to which we can offer a long shelf life (2 years). The seeds are pretty small and have nice crunchy texture.


Kiwi fruit is native to central and eastern China. The first recorded description of the kiwi fruit dates to the 12th century. Kiwi fruit originally had a Chinese name – yang tao. Cultivation of kiwi fruit in New Zealand has started in 20th century. And that time the fruit got nickname  chinese gooseberries. The name has been changed for kiwi fruit in 1959 year after New Zealand’s national bird – both are small, brown and fuzzy.

Kiwi seeds applications in food and cosmetics:

  • fortify your food – confectionary, bakery, dairy application
  • protein powders
  • dietary supplements
  • functional foods and drinks
  • sports nutrition
  • as an exfoliant in body and face products
  • wholesome texture to soaps and scrubs