Dried Cranberry seeds


Dried cranberry seeds are processed only through conventional cleaning, screening and high temperature drying techniques. The dried seeds are 100% natural products, clean label and there is no chemical processing involved. Moreover, no additives or preservatives are added.

Dried cranberry seeds (Vaccinium Macrocarpon) are perfect as natural ingredients that improve texture and increase fruit impression in the final product. You can easily add the dried seeds at any stage of the production process. Dried cranberry seeds are microbiologically stable, thanks to which we can offer a long shelf life (2 years).

By using our cranberry seeds, the R&D departments of various food brands have created new innovative recipes.

Dried cranberry seeds applications in food and cosmetics:

  • food products fortification– whether confectionary, dairy or bakery
  • protein powders
  • dietary supplements
  • functional foods and drinks
  • sports nutrition
  • as an exfoliant in body and face products
  • adding wholesome texture to soaps and scrubs
  • cold pressed seed oil


If you would like to receive products specifications and detailed presentation about various food applications for dried fruit seeds, please contact our sales team or use our contact form.

Cranberry seeds cookies

Cranberry seeds cookies