Dried Blackcurrant seeds


Dried blackcurrant seeds are 100% natural ingredient, clean label, without any additives. The dried seeds are produced from dried blackcurrant pomace, which is also a raw material for blackcurrant fibre powder production. The dried seeds are processed by conventional cleaning, screening and additional high temperature drying process. There is no any chemical process involved.

Dried blackcurrant seeds (Ribes Nigrum) are perfect as natural ingredients that improve texture and increase fruit impression of the final product. The dried seeds can be easily added at any stage of the manufacturing process. Dried blackcurrant seeds are microbiologically stable, thanks to which we can offer 2 years shelf life.

Poland is the biggest producer of blackcurrants in the European Union covering 70% of the market and the second biggest producer of the fruits in the world.

Dried blackcurrant seeds applications in food and cosmetics:

  • fortify your food – confectionary, dairy, bakery application
  • protein powders
  • dietary supplements
  • functional foods and drinks
  • sports nutrition
  • as an exfoliant in body and face products
  • wholesome texture to soaps and scrubs
  • seed oil cold pressed