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Cocoa fiber is a natural dietary fibre. There is no any chemical process involved in production. The fibre is produced from cocoa shell and has strong cocoa flavor and chocolate color. Contains low quantities of fat (below 5%) and high content of fibre (min 59%). Cocoa fiber bind water and fat, so stabilizers and emulsifiers can be reduced from the recipe.

The cocoa fibre powder is available in three different granulation levels:

  • m10 – fine powder with particles size around 10 microns
  • m20 – standard granulation with particles size around 20 microns
  • m40 – coarse powder with particles size around 40 microns

The possibility  of serious health risks imposed by sugar consumption are acknowledged globally. The food and beverage industry is having to grapple with concerns around obesity and diabetes, The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends less than 6 teaspoons (25 grams) of added sugar per day for women and 9 teaspoons (38 grams) for men.1 The AHA limits for children vary depending on their age and caloric needs, but range between 3-6 teaspoons (12 – 25 grams) per day. This is where cocoa fiber comes in handy if used as a bulking agent. It replaces sugar in chocolate food and beverage products up to 45% remaining the same sensory properties like in a reference product. The food and beverage industry must reduce the levels of sugars in products to help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Cocoa fiber is the perfect solution to that matter.

In an insights report published in the United States by Cargill it is stated that when it comes to sugar reduction in products, certain food categories seem to be more important than others. For example, consumers are less worried about sugar content in indulgent products like candy, but categories such as soft drinks and foods for children are on the front lines of sugar scrutiny. Cocoa fiber can be used in cocoa coatings, “High fibre” chocolate drinks, chocolate bases, extruded snacks, a’la Nutella “rich in fibre” cream, fitness bars and other chocolate flavored, low fat products.


We offer cocoa fibre with 2 years of shelf life. The product is Kosher certified.