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Main product features

Our specialty Berry Fruit Seed C02 Extracts (oils) are produced in most advanced supercritical CO2 extraction technology, so no additives, no solvents, no residues, no inorganic salt. All of our CO2 Berry Fruit Seed Oils we produce in Poland are sourced from the highest quality polish berry fruit seeds. We could achieve very competitive price, much lower than existing on the market, because of our high production capacity which is around 1 ton per day. Our standard packaging is 900 kg IBC, 190 kg drum, 25 kg canister and 5 kg canister.

CO2 Extracts List

  • CO2 strawberry seed oil
  • CO2 raspberry seed oil
  • CO2 chokeberry / aronia seed oil
  • CO2 blackcurrant seed oil
  • CO2 elderberry seed oil
  • CO2 blackberry seed oil
  • CO2 wild rose / rosehip seed oil
  • CO2 sea buckthorn seed oil
  • CO2 lingonberry seed oil
  • CO2 cherry seed oil
  • other on request

Main applications in cosmetics and nutraceuticals

  • luxury body and facial creams
  • eye creams
  • lip products
  • hair care products
  • sun care formulations
  • spa and aromatherapy industries
  • Omega and Gamma fatty acid nutraceuticals