bulk apricot kernel oil


Apricot kernel oil is distinguished from other oils by its characteristic nutty and marzipan fragrance. This pleasant, rich and unique fragrance makes it a very interesting and aromatic ingredient of cosmetic preparations, especially for people with sensitive and allergic skin who cannot tolerate cosmetics containing natural (essential oils) or synthetic fragrances. It has an anti-inflammatory, purifying and anti-itch effect. It perfectly heals cracked hands, feet and chapped lips.

Prunus Armeniaca is a biolehem of high cosmetic utility due to its high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids (EFA) in the form of oleic acid and linoleic acid and the presence of unsaponifiable fraction in the form of tocopherols (vitamin E) and phytosterols. It is an excellent carrier of liposoluble active substances (e.g. Q10) contained in cosmetic preparations. It is suitable for all skin types with particular emphasis on mature, sensitive, dry, irritable and sensitive skin. It is also recommended for the care of children’s skin.

Cold pressed apricot kernel oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Deficiency of fatty acids in the skin is manifested by weakening of the skin’s protective barrier, slowed healing process, dry skin, wrinkling and flabby skin, dermatosis, flaking, inflammation, increased susceptibility to blackheads and eczema and frequent irritation and redness of the skin. Due to its high oleic acid content, is one of the light oils that are quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a feeling of greasiness and viscosity.

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Apricot seed oil application & properties:

  • Natural oil with a unique nutty and marzipan fragrance, yellow colour. Does not cause skin colouring. 
  • Suggested concentration: 5%-100%.
  • It is recommended for the care of dry, mature and damaged skin,
  • Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties,
  • It is used as a light and quickly absorbed aromatic base oil for body and face massage,
  • Regenerates damaged skin and nails.
  • It is used as a supplement to increase the absorption of active ingredients.
  • It is recommended for dry, damaged, prone to splitting hair.