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Our specialty Bulk Cold Press Seeds Oils are produced in Poland in cold press technology only from the highest quality Polish berry plants, kernels and fruit seeds. Our Berry Fruit seed oils are truly living oils and preserves not only their distinctive fruity taste but also possess a remarkable combination Essential Fatty Acids and anti-oxidants as tocopherols. We always produce oils on demand so you get always FRESH cold pressed, virgin, unrefined,  free GMO natural seed oils. Packed under strict nitrogen conditions.

We only sell in bulk : MOQ 20 kg

We also offer Fruit Seed Powders which are micronized press cakes into fine powders, high in dense nutrients – including protein, fiber, phytonutrients, and assorted antioxidant activities – many diverse benefits for inclusion in food, natural cosmetics and dietary supplement products. We offer Fruit Seed Powder subject to availability.