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Malus Domestica fibre is a natural clean label dietary fibre. There are no additives and no chemical processing is involved in the production. The fibre is produced from dried apple pomace and it has a light brown colour. This is low fat ingredient (below 4%) and contains more than 50% of dietary fibre. Apple fibre powder has a fairly high water-binding capacity (around 550%). This is the highest percentage compared to other natural fibre powders.

Dietary apple fibre supports proper functioning of the entire gastrointestinal tract and facilitates weight loss. The special production technology we apply allows us to obtain high quality fibre, the molecules of which have extremely large active surfaces. As apple fibre expands in the gastrointestinal tract it reduces hunger, reduces absorption of calories from food and improves peristalsis.

Our apple fibre powder is available in three different granulation levels:

  • m10 – fine powder with particles size around 10 microns
  • m20 – standard granulation with particles size around 20 microns
  • m40 – coarse powder with particles size around 40 microns
  • s600 – coarse powder with particles size around 600 microns

Organic apple fibre is available in two granulation levels: m20 and m40.

Content of fibre in apple fibre powder

Fibre content in apple fibre

Apple fibre applications:

Apple fibre powder can be used as a substitute for gelling agents in the production of ketchup and tomato paste. Moreover, it extends the freshness of bread and other bakery products as it preserves the moistness of the product. To stabilize and  improve structure, apple fibre powder can also be incorporated in meat processing – into hamburgers and sausages – and into vegan products. In addition, it is used in light-colour thermostable marmalades as a gelling agent. Apple fibre powder is widely used in the bakery industry, in bread, cakes, cookies, pizza dough, and wafers, and also in the animal food industry.


We offer apple fibre and organic apple fibre with 2 years of shelf life. The product is Kosher certified.